Meet the person from Delhi, Zorawar Singh, who jumped the skipping rope 147 times in only thirty seconds while wearing both his skates. His desire to make a world record is not stopping here due to his overwhelming aspirations. He has achieved this milestone in just twenty-one years and is unstoppable. Zorawar started roller skating in Aug 2018. With his burning dedication and improvement, he made the world record in Guinness book of world record October by jumping one thirty-two times on the skipping on the rope in thirty seconds. He also won the national and the South Asian championships, but when he participated in 2016, in the world record rope championship, he got ill just a few days before the finals. He did not leave the championship; rather he managed to get the fourth position which was his first failure and that too because of illness. After the championship, he diverted his concentration from the championship and started a new journey of making world records and achieving as many as possible Guinness World Records.

When he started skipping the rope at the age of thirteen, he was derided by his classmates for playing a “feminine” game. He continued his journey and entered the sports while getting older and having fifteen world record titles, he proves his perseverance. He aims to achieve a milestone of 100 records in the Guinness book of world records in his life. The motivation which heads him towards this milestone is his desire to break his own records. He has many goals of breaking records, but due to insufficient funds, equipment, etc., it becomes difficult. He has a record of most skips on roller/inline skates in thirty seconds is one forty-seven and he achieved this on 3 Feb 2020. These are just a few world records that he has made. Zorawar Singh is also an international jump rope competitor and with the achievement of most skips on roller-skates, he broke his own record and he is now ready to break many more records of others and his own.

In May, Zorawar Singh broke the record for most reverse double under skips in thirty sec by the number 82. When Zorawar was thirteen years old, he competed as a discus thrower, and unfortunately, it caused a slipped disc in his lower back and was injured seriously. After recovery he thought to change his path and aroused his interest in many records in skipping and skating. His desires seem unstoppable as he is moving towards his dream of achieving 100 world records in his life. Many people have encouraged him on social media and this motivates him a lot. People love that he is making India proud on an international level by achieving so many titles to his name. A of now, he has made 15 records which are quite hard for a normal person to make but achieving this makes him a superhuman of India.

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