When asked about what is that one thing that often goes unnoticeable by people while roaming around the streets, I point at garbage, drains and what not but this 19 year old lady, points at stray dogs.

Mansi Sajwan, a young girl based out of Delhi, India has been doing her own bits and pieces for these furry mates. When she first got a labrador for herself, she couldn’t help but give him all the love she had to offer, but one day, reality hit her hard. She couldn’t stop wondering about those hundreds of dogs, who go days without eating and receive no love and affection from anyone around them.

The next day she joined her mom’s 5 year long initiative of feeding 35+ dogs, and named the organization, ‘Meal for strays.’
She now feeds 80+ strays and adding on the numbers wouldn’t be any problem for her. Every day, she has been going around and giving food twice a day to these homeless creatures. Not only that, she also ensures they are vaccinated, sterilized and have a shelter for hot summers and cold winters.

When Mansi was asked about the biggest challenge she has faced, she couldn’t help but say, funds. Every day, preparing meals for so many dogs has been a challenge. All funded by her family’s salary, she at times gets worried about how she’ll be able to continue but even in the worst situations, she hasn’t stopped feeding them. ‘This organization is very close to me, dogs are very close to me,’ says Mansi.

‘The amount of satisfaction that comes from within, is unimaginable. When all the dogs come running to me, I know that I have something to look forward to in life and they are my responsibility!’ ‘If I ever had to even think about closing the organization, I’d kill my thought instead and continue.’ Her determination is as high as a shooting star and this girl won’t stop doing her bit for the

To contribute for her organization
Paytm- +919718662664

Authored by : Kamya Kalra

One thought on “The Voice of the Voiceless Furry Friends

  1. Deepshikha Nayal says:

    So proud to see in such small age you have this determination to help these furry balls . I wish you all the success Mansi and my best wishes with yourself for this cause of making difference . And i am sure you will make it pawsibble .

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