The pandemic has been spread globally, affecting every aspect of our lives. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on the education sector for students, especially in rural areas. Though, our government has introduced digital learning for students, the students on the lower ground level were suffering the most due to the financial crisis. 

Sarvahitey, non-profit organisation established in 2015 with the vision to educate underprivileged children. It not only educates but also is an active ground supporter in the Assam flood, Nepal Earthquake, Kerala flood and Covid relief. 


During the Covid crisis, they have given the helping hand to children by conducting online classes for them. They have been teaching online for the past 6 months. But it was not very easy, they faced a lot of difficulty because of the unavailability of resources with the students like smartphones or laptops. Well, determination is a key. If you’re determined to move, nothing can stop you. Similarly, they overcame this situation by arranging SPARE SMARTPHONE DONATION.

They do have proper management for the content preparation according to the class and provide it to the volunteers. They use audio-visual aids to make the process engaging. They also focus on extra-curricular activity like yoga even during online classes. Yoga helps to maintain peace and imparts positivity. Thus, they equally give importance to yoga. 

COVID Relief

As the name SARVAHITEY, means welfare for all. Apart from providing education, they did not step back for needy people. Sarvahitey and YOLO (Youth Online Learning Organisation) conducted the drive in two phases in collaboration with The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

In phase 1, there was the distribution of 70,000 drinking water bottles and 20,000 biscuits packets with the help of volunteers at CST&LTT stations of Mumbai. They reached out to migrants and other travelers who have been boarding the train to reach their native place owing to the lockdown. 

In phase 2, they distributed the kit bag which includes the following;

  • 1 Litre bottle of Mineral Water
  • 1 Packet of 200-gram Biscuits
  • 2 Pieces of chikki
  • 2 Packets of Namkeen
  • 1 Pack of Butter Milk
  • 1 Mask

The relief work was carried on for a month and 1,25,000 travelers were benefited. Not only this, they have provided ration to the needy people also with their funds. 

I have personally contacted the NGO and collected this information over a call by one of the team members of SARVAHITEY. She inspired me a lot and gives the message of helping the needy during this tough time. No matter how much you can do for welfare because even a small help brings joy to the faces. This is an organisation of young people who wanted to do good for all and brings the change in the society. 

 Website- Sarvahitey | NGO | Delhi-NCR | India 

Authored By- Aradhna

Edited by- Riya Shaharkar

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