In the words of Albert Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”. The new education policy 2020 is a reform in the educational structure of our country that, I must say, was long overdue. With the motto of Educate Encourage Enlighten, the aim of this policy is to equip the future torch bearers of our country with the 21st century skills. This policy was found on the three pillars of research, innovation and quality.

In my humble opinion, there are two key aspects of this policy which are of momentous importance. The first one is the systematic disintegration of the 10+2 years education structure into the 3+2+3+3+4 years structure which will focus upon the holistic development of a child along with ample importance given to each stage of their education and the removal of the rigid walls of separation between the academic and vocational streams.

The 10+2 years education structure was not only mentally overwhelming but also had become futile in the last few years. It majorly focused on the memorisation of facts and concepts rather than giving students a comprehensive understanding of their core competencies and improving on the same. However, the newly introduced 3+2+3+3+4 years structure with 5 years for the foundation stage, 3 years each for the preparatory and middle stage and 4 years for the secondary stage of a student’s education would bring a systematic approach towards the curricular learning of a student along with the overall development of their personality.

Under the NEP 2020, the students would be able to choose the subjects they want to pursue for higher education rather than following the conventional paths that the society has created for them. I believe that this decision would open up a world of opportunities for the students to explore, to innovate and to bring out the best they have to offer for the betterment of this world.

I believe that in the fast paced era that the 21st century is, practical knowledge and personality development are as important, if not more as theoretical learning. The new education policy would remarkably provide for the same and help the future generations of this country to define the trajectory of their career paths in a righteous manner.


Authored by: Aditya Sarda

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