The education policy introduced by PM Modi has covered a whole new outlook for the children. According to me the changes will transform the prospect of conceptual learning into imaginative learning. The education policy will help the children to learn from the industrial experience rather than memorized learning. It mentions internship opportunities for students from class 6 onwards that would help children to be ready for the industry even before going to college. Like these days the knowledge in the colleges are limited to theoretical aspects in the technical subjects. Imagine the students learning the vocational subjects at the early stage of their education so until they reach the colleges they have already completed their basics for their respective fields and would then begin teaching on an advanced level.This will help us to move forward into a whole new level.

Learning vocational subjects at the early stage would help students explore their interests in different fields before selecting their future field.If this was brought earlier maybe the students right now would be less confused about their choices in life.Like if I am being given this opportunity I would love to learn new skills every year.It would help me not only to develop my knowledge but my personality as well.

I remember in my time we used to be really excited for the library period because for me it used to be a door to escape from all the worries. Being a reader from the toddler, I used to love that period but it used to be twice in a week and we aren’t allowed after school hours. As per policy, being able to access the library resources beyond school hours will open up many sources for children to endless learning.

I feel it’s our responsibility to return back to our mother nation in whichever way possible so the initiative in the policy to open the NCC wings will be an opportunity for every student to serve the nation. This pandemic has taught me the importance and need of e-learning. It not only helps the students in urban regions but also in rural regions.This is a way of saying that there is no stop when it comes to learning. You could learn anything from anywhere.

I think the aspects of the education policy will change the whole process of how the system used to work and even let the students enjoy studying. I think in future the students will have more diverse knowledge and experience when it comes to industrial aspects. This way we are creating leaders, innovators and who knows what wonders would this knowledge could do.I believe this will never stop a student from continuing their interests but would let them embrace and grow in it.

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