Everyone, maybe once in their lifetime, has a zeal to change their lives. To break through the shackles of their mundane, ordinary lives and change it for the better.

Sushila Tudu, is one of us too except for the fact that she actually changed her way of bread earning. Based out of a small, backward village in West Bengal, Sushila used to work for a small tea stall and earned her daily wage. Her husband works as a driver and the lack of basic amenities made even the bare task of survival, cumbersome.

On a random day, when she saw some newspaper articles related to home science classes, she decided that she’ll wait no more. Her passion to do something better for their family, made her reach out to Dr. Anjali, who became a blessing in disguise for her.

During all the home science lectures, Dr. Anjali vigorously provided Sushila with practical exposure in the field of mushroom farming and the making of mushroom crumbs. She was taught about Vermicomposting and organic farming which made her efficiency reach greater heights.

Her entrepreneurial mind asked her to set up another unit to speed up the work she does. With two units working simultaneously, the process of distribution and mushroom growing was done as smoothly as in a big MNC.

When asked about her inspiration source, she said, ‘Never complaining, Always learning and patience was what kept me going. I also got an award from Mahindra Samridhi Krisha Yuva in 2018 for my efforts. I plan to keep up the hard work and make the lives of my family even better.’

Written by- Kamya Kalra

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