Mohammed Javed, A rickshaw driver is a living example of the above quote. Since the mere age of 16, when his life was filled with fragility and his heart was naive, he had started earning for his family.’

Ek accident mai papa ki death ho gayi, tabse mai hi ghar chala rahu hu, ‘said Javed, who is now 34 years old.Based out of a small town in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Javed gives inspiration to all those, who tend to give up when circumstances get hard.

In April 2020, his spirits were flying as high as a bird above the clouds, when he registered himself with an NGO to distribute ration to migrants with the help of his auto. All his savings were finished, but that did not stop him from keeping up with the excellent work. Javed was shattered when he saw people with no money, gasping for oxygen cylinders.’ Koi papa ko kandhe pe le kar ja raha hai, Koi raste pe gir raha hai!’ Javed exclaimed.He decided to become a real hero, when he converted his auto in a free covid ambulance. He sold his gold locket and installed an oxygen cylinder to help patients breathe.’ Paise toh aate jaate rahenge, logo ko bachana zyada kaam aaega!

By far, he has transported over 400 patients. A few months back, when a COVID positive lady was scared to enter his auto, he said, ‘Aapka beta aap ko lene aaya hai, yeh samajhke baith jaiye!‘ The smiles on the faces of people, even for a second is what keeps Javed going, who are overwhelmed by the thought of losing their loved ones slowly. ‘Mujhse zyada kaun samjhega apno ko khone ka dard.’Javed doesn’t have any friends. His only true friend is God. While helping millions, he isn’t able to feed himself and his family properly, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching out to the needy. ‘Corona se darne ka nahi, usse darane ka time hai!’ is what Javed said, while remembering all the heartbroken souls, who were carried to hospital.

Authored by: Kamya Kalra