“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is a way of whole human being”. – ABRAHAM LINCOLN. 

We all have considered preserving the environment. Here’s a story that persuaded me and altered my sense of belief. An individual left his job in the USA and came back to India to find his life’s purpose. We are talking about Mr. Robin Singh the founder of the well-known organization Peepal Farm. He met Lorraine while investigating possible ways of life, in various areas. Lorraine, though older, promptly managed to take care of around 50 dogs daily. Her dedication to the animal’s welfare inspired Mr. Singh to do the same. Hence, he began his non-profit, Peepal Farm.

 It is situated in the village Dhanotu in the district of Kangra, Dharamshala. It is a stray animal salvage and organic farm. It’s a community with an identical aim to many other organizations, and to live in such a way that they cause least harm and do good deeds. Their mission is to encourage critical thinking about the effect our diurnal habits have on the environment and the community around us, to inspire compassion for all living creatures. Recently, I watched a video of Peepal Farm on Facebook which was very informative. 

Our lives are full of comforts, but we are not happy enough as our greed is never satisfied. That video changed my intuition towards life. It tried to explain this by employing the example of a pencil. A pencil is made of wood, it has lead inside it and it has piece of metal on top which holds a piece of elastic. The elastic must be developed, and trees were cleaved for wood. The lead more likely than not been mined and the paint on pencil probably come from factory through transportation. In the creation of a simple item like the pencil itself, the degradation caused to the environment is immense. While the proposition of closing factories and industries is an illogical and unfeasible thought, we must understand that we can carry out vital processes in an ecologically sound way. Mr. Robin Singh believed that only for us to live comfortably, so many others have to suffer. This placed him in an unenviable situation which dabbled with his mental and emotional health. He realized that there are seven billion people on the planet other than him, who need to know the importance of reform too. He decided he would first try to change himself and set an example.

He denied smoking, consuming alcohol, eating non-veg. He started buying clothes from the thrift stores instead of buying new clothes. In an interview while discussing the construction of his new house, Mr. Singh seemed to say, “It began as home that we worked with space for harmed lost animals to recuperate. Rather than placing a swimming pool, we assembled a cow shed. Rather than having a media room, we have a clinic. Instead of having master bedrooms we made rooms for those who want to come here and experience simple and sustainable lifestyle”. He tries his best to explain how he incorporated a sustainable approach to living in his daily life. Another way to say this would be using this wonderful quote by Jane Goodall, “Each one of us matters, has a role to play, and makes a difference. Each one of us must take responsibility for our own lives, and above all, show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other.” Which beautifully ties up the cruciality of caring for one another and respecting the community around us.

Know more about Peepal Farm visit: https://peepalfarm.org


Authored by : Mahima

Editor: Nayantara Rao

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