As an EC undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree in technology and just a year away from completion of graduation, I have come a long way from preschool to graduation. 10 years at school, 2 years at junior college, and 4 years now in graduation. Throughout this era of 15 years, I never really got a chance to explore and learn about various career paths. Luckily, I am content with the path I’m on at the instant. However, it is sad to use the word luckily as it is not a word to be efficiently utilized in this aspect. Because not every student could be happy where they are right now and this is often dueto lack of an opportunity to explore various limitless possibilities at a young age. In connection to the present matter, the Government of India introduced the National Education Policy 2020.

The National Education Policy 2020 includes various aspects within the education sector like school education, higher education, professional education, adult education, languages, online learning, and lots of more. The aspects that I relate to on a personal level are school and higher education. After successfully implementing this policy, school education will change from the traditional 10+2 form to 5+3+3+4 format, which can allow a child to explore, develop cognitive skills, encourage them towards their genuine passion eventually letting them decide on a career that they are happy about. This is what many of my fellow students and I lacked in the primary stages of our academic years.

I always wanted to pursue higher education in one of the global universities as they deliver international standards and can give me potential exposure to new cultures, traditions, languages, and great career advancement. However, it is ludicrously expensive for an average Indian family like mine to afford these universities. This policy is predicated on the higher education plan to establish Indian universities overseas and foreign universities in India. This would be an excellent opportunity for me to proceed with higher studies.

To sum it up I am looking forward to the successful implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. I do know it cannot vary what I lacked in my prior years of education, but it can unquestionably aid me with my higher education. It can allow me to take a gap year, switch core subjects, transfer colleges more easily than now. And most certainly it can reform the academic system of India by creating responsible, skilled, and happy students. In my opinion, this policy beholds the power of broadening the horizons of academic standards.

Authored by: Ruchita Sri Divya

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