Carrying the cradle of hope since 2003, the Dream Girl Foundation CSR NGO has grown from a mere handful of members to having camps set up across the country, involving thousands of students, teachers, medical practitioners, lawyers, donors and more falling under the umbrella term of volunteers. The main objective of the foundation is to reduce the miseries faced by underprivileged children, with special emphasis on the girl child. The organization works for all issues a female child may face in her life such as sanitation, reproductive health and STDs awareness, education, exploitation, income generation and other major issues. With extra gravity and dominance placed over education and exploitation of children, it is safe to say that the organization has helped change hundreds of lives; not only of the children with a direct impact but the volunteers’ too. Along with their core team, they and the volunteers provide the basic necessities of life to these kids.

The consortium has carried out a myriad of campaigns to accomplish its goal of providing rudimentary facilities to the underprivileged girl child such as clothing, education, medicines, food and sanitary products. One such campaign is Project Zindagi which entails imparting families with funds to combat the horrible curse of poverty. We find ourselves whole heartedly agreeing with the fact, every life is precious and that even one life’s worth cannot be determined. Poverty, being one of the worst evils known to man, is a barrier for the proper health, nutrition and education of these children which eventually causes them to have lost their invaluable lives. The community strongly urges you to take action, donate and prominently be thankful for our blessed lives. 

Upon being interviewed, Ridhi Dhawan, a past volunteer shares the joyful experience of working in this lovable environment. She said she had a wonderful time with the beautiful kids and is ready to help at any moment the organization needs her. Like her, various other people like Surbhi Gupta and Rakshi Aswal share their opinions and work experience. Having had memorable days with talented kids, they encourage others to partake in a similar manner. Many interviews and vital thoughts have been captured on video as well, please refer to the video below.

The establishment was also glad to see such a positive and collaborative response by the youths. The newer generation is taking the cooperation by storm on online platforms (social media) and by actively volunteering. By visiting their website, many volunteer opportunities and to donate are visible, please make use of them. To sum up with the establishment’s famous quotation, “A woman is the creator of this beautiful world. We must ensure she gets a respectful life.”

“Appreciation is an excellent thing. It makes what belongs to others to us as well”.- Voltaire.

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Authored and Edited by: Nayantara Rao

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