Khaanashah! As the name illustrates, food is supreme. So why should we waste it? 

Khaanashah is an Indore based Indian youth startup. It all started with a video in which the groom’s parents were standing near dustbins to avoid wastage of food. It lead to the founder of the startup, Mr. Savan Kadole, to think about this as a social cause. This thought was further encouraged by five other friends and they decided to convert this problem into an opportunity. 

Thus, they started a business which they named ‘Khaanashah’. This organisation’s purpose was to preserve food by charging a nominal fee. 

Their business is unlike anything anybody has ever seen. It continues to inspire people to respect the food served to them. They are glad to have an increasing amount of volunteers join them. They have catered for 20+ events in Indore since 2019. 

They run their business with the help of 150+ Volunteers whom they termed as “Bhojveers”. These “Bhojveers” are spread across the whole venue from the entrance gates to the dustbin. Whenever any person comes to throw their plates with a half eaten meal, the volunteers would politely request people to eat their leftovers to communicate the importance of food. 

In one of their events, they succeed to feed 250+ guests with food meant for 150 people. This massively boosted their business and their confidence for they realised they could work well with limited resources. This allowed them to think in a way in which they could exploit the resources around them to their zeniths, to save resources and efforts. 

In the near future, they plan to make useful products from the unused food which would have otherwise been dumped. They further explained this by giving the example of Germany, who makes cosmetic products from the unused food. They have dual benefits as the organic cosmetic products are both cost efficient and environmental friendly. 

They have also presented their business model in the Iway Hackton India Capital 2020, which is one of the most prominent Indian Youth Startup Expos. 

They have also been featured in the Dainik Bhaskar – Indore Edition, Wadhwa Foundation. 

The benefits of Khaanshah are paramount. They help save food, reduce the expense of catering while ensuring quality and help generate employment. 

भैया Plate फेंको, Khaana नहीं!

Authored by : Pakshal Munot

Editor: Nayantara Rao

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