What is the first thing that comes into your mind when I say the word ‘craving’? I’m sure it is something related to chocolates, cakes and everything magical. 24 year old chef founder, Sara Taneja loves to bake dreams into reality! Her initiative, called Let’s bake love, based in Delhi is the living proof of all the hard work she has been doing since her school days. She works around handcrafted desserts and bespoke cakes with all the dedication she has for the bakery. When asked about how did she start this unique venture, she replied,

‘I started let’s bake love when I was 17, still in school, class 12 and with boards hovering over my head but I had one little dream, and that was never taking money from my parents once I passed out of school. The moment I started baking there was no looking back. Nothing gave me as much joy as baking did. 

I have been a creative kid since forever. I wanted to be a dancer because I had danced all my life for 14 years but when I started baking, I could not think of not taking it up as my profession. I was too drawn towards cakes and desserts.’

Chef sara, when asked about the daily orders she gets responded that she now caters to around 50 orders per day. However, it has been a long journey reaching this point. It was somewhere only between 2-5 orders when she started but patience and hardwork was the key to success.

Managing the team, for her, is one of the toughest things to do. The daily deliveries add on to the hassle but her parents, her brother and her intrinsic motivation has ensured that she never quits the one thing she is born to do. Chef sara believes that happiness and satisfaction she gets from what she does is what keeps her going. 

‘I feel absolutely amazing and privileged when my clients let me and my cakes be a part of their life long memories. I will forever be grateful to each one of them. And I think seeing them just enjoying the desserts motivates me a lot.’

She learns something new everyday. It might be improving something, adding something new to the menu or just experimenting with the daily cakes. For her, learning is the one thing for which humans live.

“I am thankful and grateful for where I am today. And I don’t think it would have ever been possible without my family, friends and my team.” A successful entrepreneur like her is surely a motivation for everyone wanting to start something new.

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