In the summer of 2021, India was grappling with the Second Wave of COVID 19 which claimed  many lives and left many people helpless. A number of states including tremendously populated ones such as Uttar Pradesh and Delhi continued to suffer severely since the onset of this deadly pandemic.

I have always believed to do good for others and especially during this uncertain time of pandemic, I was highly encouraged to be there for those in need. I decided to make the best use of the social media platform ‘Twitter’ to reach out to people for any kind of help they need. This help included any covid related local assistance such as for Plasma or Blood Donation, arranging medicines, ventilators, beds, BIPAP, and Oxygen cylinders wherever required. For at least 15 continuous days, I selflessly helped the maximum people I could, under the purview of  my network,  in different towns, cities, and villages of India without any political or financial support.

With time I managed to create a team widespread across regions from North to South and East to West. This Project started from the Delhi/Delhi NCR/Haryana region and also in the rural parts of  Uttar Pradesh. Gradually we were also able to reach out to people in cities like Ranchi, Dhanbad and  Jamshedpur. Our network of volunteers was able to extend this helping hand to some prominent cities in the West and South India too.

I was also able to get into collaboration with two prominent  NGOs based in Delhi. Go Dharmic and No Tears Foundation took the responsibility to provide ration and food packets to migrant/daily wage workers in the region.

I along with my volunteers were able  to solve more than 150 cases pan India, by simply being active on social media and we hope to extend this help as much as possible. With a success rate of nearly 85 %, I extend my heartfelt gratitude towards  our team of volunteers as well as the local people of our region, for their valuable support and motivation.

I saw many SOS/Emergency Tweets on Twitter that were unattended with no response which delayed their treatment. To solve this problem, I have authored a document link which is a  list of go-to-Twitter handles based on their cities/ locations. From that people can look up whom to tag for help for a particular city/region. The resources mentioned in my document have generated a high response rate and quick solutions to SOS calls on Twitter. It is already being used by 45000+ Twitter users and my work was also endorsed by many highly learned people. 

Amidst all this, I met many wonderful, compassionate and inspiring people, working together tirelessly day and night during this pandemic as a pillar of strength and support for those in need. I realized how there is a warrior inside each of us, who is awakened during the deadly hours of help needed by humanity.


Kumar Ayush

Lucknow, India.

Contact: +91-8839761102(Whatsapp/Call)


Twitter Handle : @ayushk_909

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